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You might be wondering why you should use digital outdoor media advertising trucks on your marketing campaigns. After all, there are so many different types of advertising out there, what makes truck advertising stand out? Digital out-of-home advertising is unique because it utilises the highest resolution LED billboard in Australia. This means that your ad can go anywhere and reach more people than traditional billboards. In addition, truck ads are also very affordable, which makes them a great option for small businesses or budgets that are tight.

You're driving down the street and you see a truck parked on the side of the road with a giant digital billboard on it. You've probably seen them before - they're becoming more and more common as digital outdoor media advertising grows in popularity.

So, why are these trucks so great for marketing? And how can you make sure that your campaigns include them? Keep reading to find out!

The recent pandemic years have been very unstable. Moreover, the upcoming global recession is expected to make the circumstances more bizarre. In times of uncertainties, companies are gearing toward OOH advertising. Out-of-home or outdoor advertisements are a modern approach to promoting products and services on the go. Here is how the newer form is making an impact.


Mobile advertisements and billboard trucks are excellent for OOH advertising. These keep the costs low and maximise consumer engagement. It takes your brand one step further to connect with the target customer. As a result, the return delivered from each advertising dollar is maximised for economic benefits.

Digital mobile billboard trucks act extremely positively to different stimuli. Other examples, such as online surveys, content, and blogs, do not provide the same results. Unfortunately, even applications and in-app purchases are secondary to OOH advertising. Out-of-home advertising increases engagement by more than five times the initial investment.

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Mon Sure
Mon Sure
Oct 28, 2023

Disgusting service I can’t imagine that our marketing agency would promote to harm them others in another country. Your advertisement in the middle of Sydney CBD was awful and such a shame by the way you are breaking the laws by mentioning a terrorist organisation.!!

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