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Outdoor Advertising vs Traditional

In today's fast-paced world, people are spending less and less time at home, and as a result, they're becoming less exposed to traditional forms of media like television, radio, newspapers, and magazines. This is where outdoor advertising comes in. It's the perfect solution for reaching people on the go.


When you advertise on out-of-home media, you can launch a brand, build and maintain brand awareness, create a big impact, reach mass audiences, target specific markets, and multiply the effect of other media, all while providing a "path to purchase" that can convert brand awareness into consumer behavior.

Comparative Statistics (Digital Mobile Billboards Vs Digital Static Billboards)


Static Digital Billboard – 10% SOV (10 People Per Billboard)

  • $16,250.00 + GST (Per Month)

  • 46m2 Average

  • Fixed Location/Single Direction

  • 2.4hr Shown Ad Time Out Of A 24hr Day 

  • 30 Second Ad Loop

  • Average Traffic 70k/Day

Digital Mobile Billboard – 12.5% SOV (8 People Per Billboard)

  • $7,500 + GST (Per Month)

  • 20m2 (Over 3 Sides)

  • Mobile/Changing Locations Depending On Target Market Or Traffic Volume

  • 1.5hr Shown Ad Time Out Of A 12hr Day (7am-7pm)

  • 30 Second Ad Loop

  • Average Traffic 70k/Day

  • PROMO: First Time Customer Gets 1 Free 8hr Day Of Advertising On DMB (100% SOV)

Take your brand to the streets


digital billboard truck sydney city.jpg

Advantages of out-of- home advertising  


Creatively Impactful

OOH advertising offers big, bold, beautiful creative that delivers larger-than-life storytelling, with a wide range of sizes, shapes, and formats.


Contextually relevant

OOH advertising delivers the right message, to the right audience, at the right time, and in the right place. It can target by location, demographic, day-part, and behavior, providing unparalleled place-based engagement.



OOH advertising is always on and can't be blocked, skipped, or viewed by bots, making it an effective medium in a digital world.



OOH advertising uses geo-location, audience measurement, and advanced data analytics for better targeting, insights, and ROI.

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