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Most of our time is being spent out of home... so we're taking your brand to the streets!

Our mission is to distribute your brand/message/event to those who it will most impact where they are best situated to see it.

We provide:

- Mobile Digital LED trucks 

- Mobile Digital LED screens 

- Walking Boards advertising

- Bike Boards advertising 

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Digital billboard screen for events, sports. Digital outdoor advertising agency using billboard LED trucks.png
Want to find out more?

Enquire today to receive your Digital Media Kit.
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Digital billboard trucks

We offer a 20m2 of P4 high definition screens on 3 sides of the truck for events up to 15000 people. Our truck mounted mobile digital LED billboards flourish throughout Australia providing a unique experience and advertising technique never before seen.

Offering high impact truck advertising with visibility from 3 sides of the truck.The digital advertisments are 3 LED screens - 2x Sides (4.2m x 2m) 1x Rear (1.7m x 2m).

Data and Reporting

We understand that our customers need all the information regarding their target audience that we can possibly provide.


Therefore, our Mobile Marketing Trucks offer GPS tracking, automatic geo-targeting, high speed internet, online ad servers, reporting and high power visual and audio. We employ state-of-the-art LED screens and technology, providing you with optimal data and analytics on your target audience.


We document and record all campaign statistics to improve the effectiveness of your reach with our campaign effectiveness reporting program.

Give us a call today and speak with one of our marketing experts!

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