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10 Advantages of Mobile Billboard Truck advertising

Mobile billboard truck advertising is a relatively new phenomenon in the advertising space, however it has propelled itself to become one of the most efficient and effective forms of advertising in the industry today. Lets dive into 10 advantages of mobile billboard truck advertising that you may not be aware of:

  1. Range of consumers and audiences

One of the biggest advantages of mobile billboard truck advertising is that a mobile digital billboard has the ability to reach audiences that are unable to be targeted through stationary traditional billboards. They can travel to any location or routes requested and are capable to travel to areas where other forms of digital signage cannot. This intensifies the reach and range of consumers that see your brands campaign or message even without a clear line of site.

2. Reaching high traffic areas

Mobile billboard digital trucks are capable of reaching high traffic areas that a standard billboard cannot. This is through the ability of our mobile digital billboard trucks to move around locations such as outside the entrance of a shopping center or intersection of busy main road. This means more consumers are seeing your brands mobile digital billboard, resulting in more brand exposure and customers for your business. If you are looking for a new innovative way to tackle your advertising expenditure, mobile billboard truck advertising should be at the forefront of your future!

3. Customisation

We all want to leave a long lasting impression on our target audience and mobile digital truck advertising provides this avenue. Our mobile digital advertising trucks can be customised while on the go, presenting new innovations, updates or countdowns. Our digital billboards have the ability to dynamically present a memorable advertising or marketing campaign to your consumer. You can easily change the artwork of your advertisement daily or weekly presenting new and additional products, services or announcements.

4. Affordable

Another significant advantage of a mobile digital billboard truck is the affordability for your business. This means that you are reaping the rewards of our digital billboards covering your standard or designated route at an affordable price. When its in relation to achieving the most of your advertising dollars, the value of a mobile digital billboard truck is unprecedented.

5. Drivers and pedestrians

Mobile billboard LED trucks are highly effective in acquiring the attention of drivers and pedestrians. This is a result of a creative billboard that has the ability to captivate a consumer and draw their eyes to the mobile digital billboard truck effectively creating a lot of attention. In fact, studies indicate that 90% of people who see a mobile digital billboard truck will remember the advertisers brand or message.

6. Night time coverage

Another advantage of mobile billboard truck advertising is he ability to be easily noticed at night time. Once the sun sets and our digital billboard truck is running, your message is enforced in a truly captivating and fascinating fashion. This means that your brands advertisement will be seen by consumers finishing their day or people out for an evening stroll or dinner with their families. Securing the benefits of both daytime and night time coverage present an extremely valuable form of advertising exposure that your organisation can utilise.

7. National Audiences

Another valuable advantage of mobile digital truck advertising is the ability of our trucks to travel cross country. We have ran many advertisements across Australia and endeavor to transverse your advertising campaign nationally. If your are looking to take your brands message and reach national audiences, mobile digital truck advertising is a lucrative way to do so!

8. Product or event specific

Mobile digital billboard trucks are advantageous or specific product releases, discounts and offers. This allows consumers to understand exactly what your organisation is offering and provides them with the ability to sign up or register then and there as they see it through QR code scanning. We have used this advertising avenue multiple times and it has worked seamlessly with many consumers successfully fulfilling your call to action.

9. Tracking

Unlike other forms of digital advertising, the results of digital mobile billboard trucks can be tracked using GPS targeting. Through the designated routes the truck operates through we are able to understand the percentage of eyes at the hotspot locations. This information will allow your brand to fine-tune your advertising campaigns in the future and understanding what areas and routes worked better than others.

10. Targeted Marketing

The 10th advantage of using mobile digital billboard truck advertising is that can be used for targeted marketing. This permits your brand to select areas and routes that represent your desired target specific demographics, presenting your advertising message or campaign to your target market. If your wanting to focus your advertising on a specific group of people or locations, mobile billboard truck advertising provides you with multiple avenues to do so.

Overall, there are many great advantages to using mobile digital billboard truck advertising for your organisation. They are highly effective at capturing the attention of drivers and general pedestrians, noticed more at night, and have ability to reach national coverage. Additionally, the results of our mobile billboard trucks can be tracked so campaigns can be understood and improved providing a fully optimised advertising medium for your brands products or message.


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