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Business Owners: Reasons to use Digital Out-of-Home Advertising with Mobile Marketing Australia

Updated: Mar 16, 2023

Looking to kick-start your brands marketing strategy this year?

Its time to begin devising new ideas on how your business can increase brand engagement among audiences at home as well as on the go.

For decades, standard truck advertising has provided companies with the ability to creatively acquire the attention of new leads. As technology has continuously evolves, digital mobile truck advertising has become a major marketing tool to exhibit your brands identity, products, events and more.

If your a business owner contemplating the advantages of digital billboard truck advertising to enhance and achieve company goals, here are four creative campaign ideas to consider for 2022.

Retail store openings:

Are you opening up a new store location?

Mobile Digital Billboard Trucks make spreading the word easy and convenient. Promoting your business logo, new store location and a quick call to action that encourages consumers to 'Shop Now' or 'Learn More' will help draw more attention and make it easier for passing drivers and pedestrian to understand your message and act upon its information. The ability to schedule the trucks routers in close proximity to your new location may also encourage shoppers to stop into your location, offering an immediate return on investment.

Promotional Events:

If your business is planning an upcoming fundraiser, launch party, seasonal or special event, streaming these campaigns across mobile digital billboard trucks can help create hype around the event and reach wider audiences in less time. The main reason behind this is that your LED truck billboard are much easier to see from traffic than standard billboards guaranteeing your brand/message receives maximum exposure.

New deals and Prices:

New deals or announcing a special discount on products or services? Theres no better way to create a sense of urgency among consumers to see your brands message than having that message spread across a mobile digital billboard truck. Our mobile digital billboard trucks have the ability to drive through your specifically selected route , pursuing your target audience and marketing your specific promotion to consumers as they live their daily lives. Looking for your next competitive edge? Give us a call today to speak with one of out marketing specialists.

Event Marketing

Popup events are a great way to advertise and engage new audiences. Whether your promoting your product or services at a sporting event, new location opening or fundraiser dinner mobile digital billboards has you covered. With the ability to distribute your brand to your customers in captivating ways never before utilised. Be one of the first to adopt this new form of Out of Home advertising and see the results and customers flourish!

We work with our clients to create the most innovative campaign your your brand within your time frame. Mobile Billboard Marketing Australia provides the most advanced digital billboard truck in Sydney delivering your message directly to your potential customers in high traffic areas.

Digital billboard trucks are attention grabbing unlike stationary billboard units which seamlessly become just another piece in the landscape. They are large enough to stay visible and have a capability for movement that enhances the attention they attract.

All things considered, the future of Digital Out Of Home will evolve into a marketing norm, transcending into a medium that targets audiences instead of booking screens.


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