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What is DOOH Billboard advertising and is it worth it?

According to statistics reported from Billboards Australia, a remarkable 78% of people who drive by mobile billboards see them, and these billboards deeply register with consumers and create a bigger impact than you might expect.

Digital mobile billboard trucks are one of the most innovative eye catching avenues for organisations to reach their intended target audience. But what is it about them that makes them so cost effective?

Digital mobile billboard trucks are an effective use for a business to market their brand or service as they are the most captivating form of advertising in 2022. In fact, studies indicate that mobile digital billboard are up to 95% more effective in capturing a consumers attention than a standard print or web ad.


Over the past few years, advertisement has diversified beyond comprehension. The traditional methods are no longer able to withstand the force of digital marketing, allowing for new pathways and out of the box thinking to create a new parallel in the world of Digital-Out-of Home-Advertising

There was a time when advertisements were placed on billboards, posters etc. with further investment to be seen and noticed. On the digital side, the options consist of television, radio ads and printed material with technology progressing at lightning speed, revolutionising every facet of the automation.

What is DOOH Advertising?

Digital Out of Home (DOOH) is the latest, interactive and influential form of digital marketing challenging the traditional advertisement concepts, providing a new opportunity to the niche.

Brilliance and innovation of this technological advancement.

How is it different from OOH?

OOH (Out of home) advertising is simply a traditional outdoor advertisement layout, where consumers can view the ad at public places, transportation hotspots, routes and commercial spaces. DOOH (Digital Out of Home) advertising is the incorporation of offline OOH advertising with the synchronisation of digital foundations. It uses digital screens to deliver content to the people where they are best situated to see it through digital billboards and LED screens.

The difference between OOH and DOOH, is that OOH remains in a fixed place with a single image over a certain time. With DOOH, the advertisement is displayed via digital screens with multiple animate images over a certain time. DOOH advertising has the ability to interact and resonate with people, presenting a more energetic, programmatic and vivacious advertising source.

What are the possibilities DOOH?

When it comes to the highly advanced and latest DOOH advertising, there are countless possibilities for business to succeed. Here are the top benefits that DOOH is offering, highlighting the brands message and providing them with crucial insights.

DOOH advertising is an interactive and eye catching advertising strategy that has teh ability to empower brands to digitalise themselves and provide content to consumers in the most accessible way possible. The reason that DOOH is progressing at such a fast rate, is because it is reaching its intended audience in real time. As a result of this real time coverage and targeting, brands have the ability to boost their performance and present their message through this advancement in technology.

Benefits for brands?

Through Digital-Out-of-Home advertising, brands remain informed throughout the entire playtime of their ads, allowing brand to understand the variables and traction they are gaining.

DOOH is releasing businesses from the burden of traditional advertising formats, expressing intelligence and innovation through digital media channels. Major countries and cities across the world are expanding and investing in their transportation systems by adding new and improved digital screens. This can be seen as a catalyst to the growth and opportunity of the spread of the DOOH advertising network.

Location based advertising

The location can leverage and elevate the brand presence without any compromise. There are two ways to get the most advantageous results for DOOH advertising. With location based networking, the brand can track analytics using a mobile device. It can help your brand gain insights about the consumers you are targeting, where you are targeting them and their behaviour and perception for your ad in real time.

The concept of Mobile Billboard Marketing trucks

Mobile Billboard Marketing trucks delivers powerful messages where and when needed. Such advertising trailer campaigns boost the presence of your brand. It works so well because, it is present in the areas where the consumer lives, works, travels, shops, commutes daily and more! Using our mobile truck advertising thriving all around Australia, you can give your audience a unique experience with the advertising technique never seen before.

In today’s rapidly changing society, consumers want to receive information more efficiently and quickly. The key of ‘Less is More’ combined with the creative format of such digitalised billboards grasps the consumer’s attention. This marketing tactic works by:

REACH: Refers to the number of individuals exposed to a specific advertising medium over a standard time. Reach is the percentage of the targeted audience potentially exposed through the platform of out-of-home (OOH), also known as outdoor billboard advertising. It is ascertained by a minimum of a four-week campaign period.

ENGAGE: The emotional connection established between the brand and the customer is referred to as engagement. An engaged customer is more loyal to the brand and promotes it more while buying it more frequently. The high-quality customer experience with digital billboards increases the frequency of targeting specific demographics, creating awareness and bringing high traffic.

IMPACT: The influence of the message conveyed by the advertisement decides its impact. It is the measure of how quickly the audience receives the message. It highly depends upon the platform used to deliver the message, the interest of the audience and the features of the message. Billboard advertising is impactful in broadcasting your business.


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