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What is Mobile Digital Billboard Advertising and what does it cost?

What is the Cost of Mobile Billboard Advertising for Small Businesses?

In today's ever changing society, all businesses are searching for new approaches to reach their consumers. Mobile Digital Billboard Advertisements are becoming one of the most popular means of digital marketing across the world.

Digital Billboard Advertisements have become an excellent way to reach potential consumers around local areas that would otherwise never see your businesses advertisements. If your considering this meta of advertising, this blog breaks down how it all works and what factors affect the cost so you know what to expect before getting started.

Understanding Mobile Marketing Australia

The first thing you should know is that Mobile Marketing Australia places your digital advertisement on to our Mobile LED Trucks and transport your brand across selected routes to physical locations (of your choice), throughout a specified period of time.

This type of Digital Advertising is extremely different from traditional print and TV methods as it is a more targeted approach to the end consumer. Here at Mobile Marketing Australia, you can choose the locations where you want your ads to be positioned or driven, selecting specific routes and areas familiar to your target audience or business as well as targeting specific demographics, interests and prime physical locations. The cost of this type of Digital Advertising will vary depending on several factors described below.


Keep in mind that the more people that see your brand, the more they'll recognise your business. as such, the more you promote your products, services or events, the higher chances you have of increasing your sales and brand awareness. With our Mobile LED Billboard trucks, you are making a clear statement on the road in a newly formed style of marketing!

We offer an extremely well packaged marketing bundle from digital trucks, screens and walking boards to provide the most effective and innovate advertising service for your business. Our ultimate goal is to help grow your brands and promote your products, services and events to hundreds of thousands of eyes!

At this point you understand the potential that a digital moving billboard truck can have on your respective brand or campaign. With this modern solution to traditional problems, you have the opportunity to reach out to a wide range of audiences, be flexible in your advertising services, save on it and also receive high returns!

If you haven't thought about implementing this form of advertising yet, now is the right time to do so!

Mobile Marketing Australia is positioned at the forefront of Australia's LED Billboard truck space offering the highest quality LED billboard screens driving across the country!


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